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Ashrafieh, Lebanon.

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My hideaway for personal photography, Bernard Khalil Photography is all about documenting personal history in visual content. This is where I enjoy photography more as a hobby than a profession, from photos for NGOs to weddings, engagement parties, and personal events, with a focus on my personal exhibitions and photo galleries.
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De Mouton Production S.A.L. is a Company based in Lebanon and for Lebanon, with a main focus on all types of photography, and photography-related services. Get a glimpse of our wide array of services and learn more about what we do and what we excel in.
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AfroBald, sister Company of Bernard Khalil Photography and De Mouton Production SAL, shining from Lebanon to the Arab countries and the entire world. No area in the world is beyond our reach and passion.
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Starting merely as a hobby, a means to help through Graphic Design School, photography quickly turned into my passion and my very core.
My photography journey began in 2002; a path that went through Mr. Lebanon elections in 2007, the Doha Tennis Tournament in 2009 and the 2011 DTFF Doha Trebecca Film Festival, while working alongside photographer Roger Moukarzel at MiniMe Productions s.a.l.

I now stand as a professional photographer, and in 2015, I founded my own photography production house, DeMouton Production S.A.L.
For me, photography is technical as much as it is mystical. Photography is not a lifestyle I adopt, it’s what gets me repeatedly amazed and gives me the needed push to constantly grow and evolve.

Fascinated by people, light, life, beauty, production and commercial work, I aim to capture amazing instances, and this is what photography is all about, “drawing with light”, shooting a fracture of a moment and translating words, thoughts and emotions for the viewer to behold physically and tangibly.


The year 2015 marked the start of De Mouton Production S.A.L., a Lebanese Joint-Stock Company established in Lebanon. Its activities are restricted to the Lebanese territories.

We offer diversified services in relation to photography and videography. Our photography services cover everything from small commercial projects to large business inquiries and events, passing through photoshoot sessions. Our topics of interest and areas of expertise are too many to be counted, but here are a few: advertising, fashion, beauty, jewelry, food, family, construction& architecture and interior decoration....

Our photography sessions come as a complete and perfect package as we provide everything from A to Z, namely: cast, location, clothing, food stylists, materials, retouching and everything you might need to get the results you deserve. We’re passionate about capturing the special moments of your past and turning them into everlasting memories for the present and future.

Our photography expertise isn’t restricted to capturing photos but also entails the production of photos and movies, preparation for photo shooting sessions, sale of photos and photography-related materials in addition to pre and post-production services.

Our videography services are limited to social media content and do not cover TVCs.

De Mouton Production S.A.L. also specializes in the organization of all types of events, commercial and entertainment parties, exhibitions, galleries, conferences, seminars and ceremonies dedicated to honoring distinguished figures from the Arab world.


In 2016, we laid the foundations for AfroBald (Offshore) S.A.L., a Lebanese Offshore Company which was established in Lebanon but with activities restricted outside the Lebanese territories.

AfroBald specializes in all types of photography, videography, pre and post-production works.

We are proud of our great portfolio of clients who are well acquainted and pleased with our work. Our ambitions know no borders or limits and we have extended our reach to all continents. We have travelled and worked in numerous countries and cities around the world including Qatar, Dubai, Egypt, Jordan, Africa, Australia, London, Cuba, USA, Malaysia, Italy, Spain, and many others.

Not only do we cover conferences worldwide, but we also specialize in the organization of conferences and seminars and in the provision of photography courses and workshops aimed at giving people an insight on photography and teaching them about the basics of photography. We enjoy mastering the art of photography and are keen on sharing our in-depth knowledge and enjoyment with others.

AfroBald also organizes events related to the launching of photography and technology-related materials and we take pride in the events we participate in, as they allow us to be part of a fruitful give and take process where we share our knowledge and expertise and are able to gain the experience we desire to keep on growing and achieving our ambitions.